Aero leather Irvins.


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I think it was Bertie that made my last Aero Irvin, bought via a very nice guy in Finland. It was a 46 and the sleeves were just a tad to long, went off to someone else in Germany.


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After a couple of weeks I’ve come to the conclusion that I am “ over the moon “ with this jacket, it’s so easy and comfortable to wear. Due to the poor weather lately I have been wearing the Jacket around the house ( the sado that I am) much to the amusement of my missus. I would like to say a massive Thankyou to Tony at Aero leather for producing such a masterpiece, he obviously is a very talented craftsman. If you after getting an Irvin you wouldn’t go wrong with one of these. Go on treat yourself !


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Thank you Steve .
While the enthusiasm of the newer members taking the time to read these old threads is really commendable, there’s really no reason for the rest of us to go over ground that’s been previously covered on several occasions .