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Aero is this a repro or an original


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Probably owned by a VERY large desk clerk. I had a Star A-2 in size 48 in very much the same shape. May be Burt, {the guy I sold it to}, can post a few pics to compare condition.


Ken at Aero Leather

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The way the collar has creased is a dead give away, something to do with the original packing I imagine, so many 1942 Aero A-2s have the same strange creases

Clark J

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If that P-P measurement is correct hell that's way to big for just about everone. How about Ken what would that be sized ?, 50

Ken at Aero Leather

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Based on how we priced A-2 in The Thrift Shop (Add 10% for each size up)
A size 52" in the same nick as good £300 38" would have been priced at £765, I do recall selling an unpatched 48" for about £700, I don't remember us having any bigger A-2
A good A-2 in an average size with insignia and provenance would have been in the £600 region at the same time.... 1982-3


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Very low starting price, why so, to grab our attention? Yes interested to see what it goes for as has been said.