Aero factory sale

Clark J

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Hey Ken what about us (past customer) accross the pond can we get in on the action ?And when is it ?


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Not everybody is, Ken ;-). I still have a Hooch Hauler firmly in my sights!
Nice - I’ve been eyeing one of those for a while, though personally I’m hoping to see a Hudson in my size! That may be harder to come by, though...


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Great Sale Day. VERY professional, knowledgeable and helpful staff on hand. Some fantastic bargains! Plus a buffet and drinks laid on! Really good to see Ken again (been too long) & his lovely daughter Holly. A very good day and amazing how far some folk travelled from (& spent!). I was personally impressed how Aero are actively giving opportunities to young, gifted and keen individuals to hone their skills and train in this profession. It's helping employ folk and regenerate the local economy (which is much needed). Aero really had a buzz, sense of purpose and positive vibe to it that I don't remember in the past. It's all good! Paddy.