• Hey guys, I had to upgrade the VLJ software because the old one is being phased out. Please let me know of any issues in the SITE UPDATE THREAD. Thanks!

Accepting the torch.


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I've only been here about two years now and enjoy the special atmosphere that very few forum sites are able to convey. So keeping things the same for the most part is good news. My best to you Nathen.


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CBI said:
thanks for doing this. I will be in the minority here but I would have no problem if this merged with the FL. Having a VLJ category and its threads. I know there is probably no way to do this but if it were easier somehow in the long run, that would be fine. There is so much duplication - why not? The mods for here could be the same for VLJ stuff on FL.

again - thanks


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Thanks Nathan for taking over VLJ. It is very much appreciated. I also like the new features and the quicker running speed now. Having been a member here and on the TFL for many years I think a union would destroy the unique character of VLJ.


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Well done and thanks Nathan for taking over the helm. I'm also delighted that VLJ will be remaining as its own entity.


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Thanks for taking on the commitment. I am happy to hear you will keep running VLJ as is! It's a great little forum.
Best wishes!


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I didn’t think my merging with FL would go over well here. Just a though as Nathan is doing double duty. Kind of assumed from a tech standpoint, it would be close to impossible.

Although its not a bother, I would rather see it all on one site and it seems silly with two as there such a duplication of members (at least active ones). VLJ has gotten very sleepy the last year-plus so maybe it needs a boost. My perception is that there is a lot more traffic/interaction on FL. Also, a number of regulars here have chimed in on their fading fascinations with the hobby. VLJ needs a boost............any ideas? Very little posting these days. I perceive an uptick in VLJr’s posting more on FL. At least there, one can get a response.

I also like looking at FL while not having to log in. Its easier to post pics on FL. Yes, there are the crazies but we have them here as well.

Its here that people can promote their cottage businesses easier and its easier (more visible) to sell something here. Yes, more jacket specific here but a vintage leather jacket section on another site COULD work.

Fine leaving it all the same but at what point does the diminished activity here lead to no more VLJ at all. I am not suggesting its “close” to it but on the surface, it sure feels like it. In the grand scheme of it all, not a huge deal, still enjoy checking in and a sincere thanks for the work.


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It's been suggested to open the gate with generic email addresses being allowed and easier picture posting. I never had a problem with just using my provider address as required, but some believe it would make a difference. Also recently participated in a thread somewhere on FL where several commented how they wouldn't bother unless the restriction was lifted or that it was a PIA for them. I like VLJ the way it is for many reasons, not a business, free advertising, different feel all together, and Life Beyond the Internet covers the countless other possible topics. As far as the crazies go, I'm probably considered one of them :lol: But no matter where you are it's simple to add us / them to your ignore list. Took me a while to figure out that simple solution but haven't wasted a single minute since I did, much better things to do than deal with a conflicting personalities.


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Letting people browse/read here without a login is fine, IMO.
But there needs to be (remain) requirements for certain activities such as PM'ing, etc.
If you're not a member, you can't PM folks, etc.

And it's possible that this email requirement also keeps the spam posts way down - maybe Nathan can reply. I know on our little forum, we don't have a huge issue, but we're small so that may explain that.

I think that if more people could see/read here, they might also see it's worth signing up for and get a lil more action - not that most seem to mind - maybe that's WHY we come here?


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I am a member over at FL, and I do not want VLJ to be like it. FL is in my opinion, far too much over moderated. Say the wrong thing and you are out.
Here, yes sometimes we disagree and have fisty cuffs. But, most times we sort it out ourselves.
I am happy with a smaller group.

John Lever

There are a couple of issues that are important to me. The first is that images posted here remain hidden from Google searches. The second is related to the e mail provider question. Over on TFL there has been a case where an individual has been banned but just keeps popping up under a different source over and over again.


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It's hard - we can ban IP addresses, but any jr high school kid knows how to get around that.
I agree that having images off of google is good.
I also agree that I don't want VLJ moderated like TFL.

Nathan Flowers

Folks will always find ways to get around bans. It's inevitable, and usually they're found out. When they're not, it's usually because they've changed the tenor of their posts, which is often a good thing for the board.

I also think opening up parts of the forum to the wider internet could be a good move. We can fairly easily restrict images on the site from coming up in Google searches. Bill and I preemptively did this for VLJ via robots.txt late last year. I do think that Life Beyond the Internet should probably be restricted to members, and certainly PM/email privileges will only be available to registered members.

As for requiring an ISP email, my guess is it probably keeps out more good posters than bad. I think changing the policy would benefit the long term growth of the site, but I'm not going to unilaterally make that decision. The general consensus here seems to be like it could be a good move to try out, so I'll talk it over with Bill and decide what to do soon.

A move to Xenforo, or some other better forum software may be in the future. We'll keep pondering it. I know you guys want better mobile integration and picture posting. Hearing that loud and clear.

VLJ's moderation style and moderators aren't going to change.


Nathan Flowers said:
You guys are too kind. Looking forward to learning more.

And getting more jackets.

Please don't tell my wife. :mrgreen:
I would like to join the rest in thanking you for helping to keep the forum going. This is the only forum I go to, no offense to the FL.

I agree with you about the ISP email requirement. I have a buddy who would like to joint but can't owing to his cruddy email account.

In terms of Mr. Green's statement, I finally confessed my transgressions to my wife and and was forgiven, the statue of limitations having expired. It is all a matter of timing.

Happy Hooligan

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I haven't checked the top of the boards in a while. I'm glad the site is still going, but please don't merge with TFL.

Nathan Flowers

Happy Hooligan said:

I haven't checked the top of the boards in a while. I'm glad the site is still going, but please don't merge with TFL.

You're welcome. The site is not merging with the lounge, period.