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    I was on the bus;-)
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    Quote John
    The 'Classic 20th' was one of the first flight jacket forums. Anyone remember the older ELC 'Dejavu' forum (with Chas, Stu, Swing & Ken in attendance)? Because of the constant battles, it was finally closed except for certain jacket elite's posts. Then, when even they couldn't get along, the door was completely shut to any new postings...although it remained up and readable for quite awhile. A great exercise in what can happen to a forum when 'an anything goes' attitude is allowed to prevail until everyone is sick of it.

    As I recall it all went Pete Tong when Eastman was caught out in his own "Storse" drama, wasn't it known as "Daisygate"? I wonder if that was where Will Lauder and Johnny Minto got the idea from?
    There was some great humour on Dejavu, I fondly remember Chaz and Swing especially being wound up by Jay but he was a screen writer by trade so it waasn't a level playing field :>)
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    Who'd ever thunk that so much drama could surround the simple staple that is the leather jacket!

    Men can ruin just about anything - My Wife
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    I do understand what a thankless job it is to moderate or host a site like this. Thank you guys!

    I have enjoyed being on VLJ for several years now. I have enjoyed the wealth of knowledge shared here. I have bought and sold and swapped with a number of you. All with no issues. I do miss Rotenhahn’s posts, but in the end it felt like being invited to a Bund meeting. Where else but VLJ would you meet or be aware of the tremendous work of John Chapman?

    On another note, I saw the user name airfrogusmc on a Leica forum I frequent. I PM’d him to see if it was the same airfrogusmc here. Long story short, it is the same person, and I am featuring his street photography in the next issue of the quarterly Leica journal I edit for the International Leica Society. He is quite good and he lives only about a half hour from me in the Chicago area! It truly is a small world.
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    I don't know about that, Butte. I frequent a forum where a few of the women can unleash a vicious diatribe at a moments notice and still somehow stay within guidelines. Quite an art. I think they learn that technique when playing dolls with each other and perfect it later with eye shadow and a bra. :confused:
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    Saw a T-shirt a while back that said "I have the vagina, so I make the rules..." alot of truth in that!
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    Yeah, I went on to remind her of the many lady-centric dramas that I've been a witness to so she smirked and then realized that we're probably much better behaved ;)
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    yeah, yeah, i know, cant live with em, cant live without em. been married nearly 40 years, and i will tell yall, i wouldnt have it any other way. back to the origination of the thread [funny word]. i am always wary of smug self satisfaction, and self righteous, self satisfaction. i reckon, im just not particularly judgemental, as i know myself, and know that i am not exactly... "perfect" so it is with others, as well.
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    I wasn't around for the Deja forum although I read the archives, that and 'Flight jackets etc.' (The first forum I joined in the late 90's) which were rabidly pro-Eastman, and woe betide anyone who disagreed. They practically tore apart a bloke who said that Aero produced a 'superior' jacket. Then Ken got involved and wound them all up in his own inimical fashion, until Marc Weinshenker got the hump and took his ball home.
    Thereafter Ken was reviled by the Eastman camp for destroying their Shangri-la. The Classic 20th was great fun for a while, mostly with Ken winding up Swinglover and his mates, especially during the 'hide of default' malarkey.
    For the most part forums tried to be self-moderating, but the occasional complete fruit-bat would turn up and the mods would have no choice but to step in and remove 'em. We had a couple over the years who turned up and acted like total tw*ts for a while until the they got the boot, and that was when self-moderating showed its disadvantages. We also had some good guys who we don't hear much from any more, like Grant, and Bellytank (I know Grant's on FB).
    I realised the other day that I must be coming up on 20 years of being into flight jackets, although I didn't discover forums until I got a computer a few years
    later, when the rot really set in! We've had some good times along the way.
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    Interesting thread

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