A2 jacket 646 bomb group


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Hi guys and dolls, this is my first post here on the forum but i didn't know it otherwise i would have been here sooner :).

I have a question for you all. I purchased a very nice original A-2 from the 646BG but one of the seams came loose and the zipper doesn't function anymore. I know i can leave it like this because now it is 100 procent original but i would like to know IF it is also possible to repair the jacket professionaly...

Here is a picture of the seam:


Thank you for your opinions!



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Welcome to VLJ !
The short answer to your question is that we have some amazing guys here who can repair your jacket to its original condition by using the original stitch holes to re sew the seam and they can find an original zipper , probably a talon depending on the contract of the jacket and replace that as well using the original holes . No one will ever know it been repaired . BTW let’s see the label on your jacket please .
Cheers :)