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Discussion in 'Cloth' started by Ken at Aero Leather, Sep 10, 2018.

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    This has had a big impact on Scotland, it's indirectly affected Aero, the lady who organises our Hebridean knitters can't employ anyone any longer, our plan to have another range knitted by Inverallen has been scuppered and we've had to chose between having our Comforts Sweater hand knitted in India or by machine in Scotland, we've chosen the later

    I'm totally in favour of a proper wage with no difference in gender pay, Aero's highest paid worker is a female machinist, not a male exceutive but the point here is most of these knitters are doing what they enjoy most, it's a hobby not a job, read some of the knitters comments.
    One of our Fair Isle knitters didn't retire until she was nearly 90, she never used a pattern, every sweater she sent us was different, she refused to take any more ££s for her sweaters, her reasoning being she said she couldn't sit in front of the TV in the evening without her knitting and if it wasn't for Aero buying everything she made she wouldn't have anything to do in the evenings.

    Sometimes it's about more than the money
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    Would it not be possible for the knitters to be self-employed, and producing something which is an item priced by the value of it, by the person that made it?
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  3. Ken at Aero Leather

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    No, that far to sensible an idea for our politicians
    As ridiculous as it sounds HMRC won't accept that which makes me wonder how anyone is ever going to be able to start up a new business.
    I doubt very much if we made a single penny out of Aero in the first year's trading, looking back I should have been fined for not paying myself the minimum wage. Aero might have been a Mailbag producer rather than a jacket maker
    Also I think most start ups take a lot longer than Aero to start making and £££s
    I wonder when Google and Microsoft first went into profit, not in the first couple of years I'd bet?
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    Cornwall, UK
    And knickers to the old boot who grassed them up to the taxman!
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    I thought for a moment that HMRC had abolished "piecework". I'm sure there's stacks of information about it but, for example, the ACAS website has some info here http://www.acas.org.uk/index.aspx?articleid=4758. As usual, it's been lockstepped with NMW in the most abstruse and complex way anyone could produce and, as you make plain, the end result is that people working and producing in the UK aren't paid NMW, but end up being paid NAA (Nothing At All).
  6. Ken at Aero Leather

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    Obscurator..................Isn't that always the way.........

    I'd simplfy it, the simpler the legislation, the hard to find loopholes

    As the late, great Joe Strummer said, Know Your Rights, there are Three of Them

    1.Any homeworker using their own machinery can "pay themselves" what they like.
    Any start up..............ditto

    2. Any start up taking on their first proper employee who works in the start ups business premises should pay National Living Wage (And) that's a joke amount

    3. Any employer with more that ...let's say 2+ employees.... should not pay anyone less than the National Minimum Wage and the NMW should be raised to £9 or even £10 a week and not be Gender based

    ................and here's the most important part

    Any firm using blatent tax avoidence schemes, (there are many everyone knows who they are) will not be able to have workers on 16 hour week, nor on zero hours contacts nor be able to rely on Tax Credits to supplement the meagre wages most of these scumbags pay.

    How can it be right that someone working "at the coal face" and paying tax on a pittance sees some of that tax being used to supplement the wages of shop floor workers at these multi National outfits while the CEOs are rubbing shoulders with some of the World's Top Ten Richest F*ckers

    ....................Phewww, back to my morning coffee
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  7. Geeboo

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    but that articles seems to back to 2003
  8. Ken at Aero Leather

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    The legislation was introduced in 1999 (I believe) and is still in force.
    HMRC are slowly catching up
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    Sounds like you guys across the pond also deal with a government that is paranoid to the “Nth degree” about missing a penny of possible tax income. Then the greedy bastards piss it all away on things that never make a difference in anyone’s lives other than their own or their big political donors.
  10. Ken at Aero Leather

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    You are SO right
    It's probably another EU directive..................

    High Viz politics are the order of the day, let the public see we are doing something (whether it works or not)

    Wind turbines instead of the far more efficient Hydro for example
    One can be seen for miles, the other blends seamlessly into the landscape
    Short term thinking, look what happened in Hawaii when the grants ran our
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    Iowa, U.S.A.
    Well said, Steve. It's a shame that this old traditional (and others) are slowly fading out of existence.
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  12. Ken at Aero Leather

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    The most rewarding aspect of my job is that over the last 50 years I must have personally trained several hundred folk how to make a garment, virtually all learning from scratch
    Many of those have passed those skills onto others.
    One day, long after I've flown the coop, these skills will be essential to the survival of the human race, even if it's only around this parish

    After all here are only 3 essentials in life, and a "device" is not one of them

    1. Something to eat
    2. Somewhere to live (And just look where Blair & Clinton have led the populous? Thatcher did her bit too)
    3. Something to wear

    If I had to add a 4th it would be education
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