A horizontal comparison of leather products

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    I'd be interested if we could chime in on how these products perform: Leatherique, Pecard, Leather Honey, Montana Pitch Blend, Obenauf (spelling?), and Leather milk, also, Lexol.

    The principle of leather preservation is, unlike the term suggests that the leather needs "food", no, the leather only needs lubrication. The fibres need to be lubricated so they don't rub against each other and break each other by chaffing, which is the mechanism of drying and cracking. So, theoretically, as long as the product can be absorbed (this sense, yes, it's like a food, we want to be able to absorb it), most product should serve the lubrication purpose. Leatherique absorbs fast, car seat which gets a lot of beating can be "uncracked", leather honey is liquid, but sits on top, lexol is liquid but can't be used on very soft leather, montana is liquid, although it doesn't seem to feel lubricating...

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