A-2 jacket collar stand- yes or no??


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my ELC RW comes on Monday, as per the post. I’ll be interested to see how well it works with a motorcycle helmet. But I’ve also got a Star on the way from BK, for comparison.

for some reason, my wife doesn’t get it.


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My first thoughts are, thats a great idea, I wonder why no one thought of that before. I just wonder how it will feel on your neck after a few hours of your skin rubbing back and forth on the hide. Please let us know how it all plays out for you.
Neat execution of that idea by Shawn. I hope you mostly wear collared shirts though, because that’ll stick to your neck otherwise.
Hi guys!

I figured that the feel and the wear of the goatskin strip would be no different than from the leather collar on any other jacket contacting and wearing against the back & sides of my neck.

Hat's off the @Shawn Ali for willing to try and perfectly executing this modification.

Let's see how it feels & holds up as I begin to wear this jacket. Stay tuned...