6th Photo Recon Group 'The Hawkeyes'


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Thought I would post a few patches from the 6th PRG today (not a full set but a representative sample of the more interesting designs).

Like a number of other Australian based units the 6th PRG had a squadron specific version of the group patch (Hawkeyes) as well as individual squadron patches.

6th PRG_Hawkeyes (constit. Sqdns).jpg

6th PRG, 20th PRS version (embroidered)

6th PRG, 25th PRS version (embroidered).

6th PRG, 26th PRS version (embroidered).

8th PRS (painted)

26th PRS (embroidered) - lot of work this one!

Finally my most recent patch - 36th PRS - unofficial version (embroidered).
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2 more 6th PRG patches to add to the collection.

First is the 25th PRS. This was a tricky one to do as it requires a lot of precision (straight lines with no borders which can be used to hide errors). Also whenever you are block filling with a colour that's the same as the background, it's hard work keeping things nice and parallel. In the end I was very pleased with this one and it's become my latest favourite. Original patch included below for reference.


25th PRS_6th PRG (4).jpg

The second it my 4th version of the Hawkeyes Group patch - the 36th PRS this time. Although the 36th is referenced as being red, the originals I've seen are on a tan base and have never been sewn onto jackets, so not faded by the sun. I wonder if this was another squadron that changed at some point from red to another colour to avoid misidentification with Japanese markings (would make sense if squadrons used the Hawkeyes design as a squadron marking on their aircraft but that is just conjecture on my part). Only have the 8th PRS version (white) to go - never seen the HQ one so unsure of the exact colour of felt used, if indeed it was ever made up.