50th Birthday Present - Buzz Rickson Aero 42-18775-P


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Was watching this one for a while in Japan and I was quite keen on a buy. Nobody wanted the BR Rough Wear 18091 I threw up for sale so I hesitated. It went unsold; however, I figured I would just grab it at one stage during the series of relists... until it didn't get relisted. For a month I checked the seller's account and nothing. Saved a worm on the pavers out back and karma sorted me. Relisted last night.... Even wrangled a $100 discount because it had been up so many times without a sale!!

Size 40 and virtually unworn. The only BR 18775 I have found without a decal too...

Aero 18775 - 1.jpg
Aero 18775 - 2.jpg
Aero 18775 - 3.jpg
Aero 18775 - 4.jpg
Aero 19775 - 5.jpg
Aero 18775 - 6.jpg
Aero 18775 - 7.jpg
Aero 18775 - 8.jpg
Aero 18775 - 9.jpg

Hide looks like a super BR horsehide. Their hides have never let me down.. Need it to get here on time..
Or I need to buy myself something else..