5* versus AVI

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uh, while most of know, im not particularly interested in these repros, and i dont read most of the review threads about em.....but it is my opinion that thomas did take the time and make the effort to do the comparison, and difs of the two. imo, this is useful to those who may consider the purchase of either. hauling ass on him is just plain out of line for doing it. as a fella once said, " if ya aint got nuttn nice to say, come sit by me"


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Edward, you're an idiot and stirring the pot for what end? Thomas is merely giving his take on these jackets and you for whatever reason are "the expert" duly declared by "Edward". "We" are discussing jackets, not the Magna Carta.

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Thomas I for one appreciate your review on the 2 jackets as always well done with pictures and honest opinions .Thanks

Eastman how long have you been suffering with Tourette's Syndrome , I feel your pain and I wish you well its a horrible affliction .



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Thanks for taking the time and effort to compare the two jackets. They sure do look similar.


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Thanks for the review Thomas.
Eastwood if you can think rationally about your comments what you are really saying is anyone who cannot afford the top tier jackets has no place on this forum which by the way is not called the over $1200 jacket forum.I have bronson and dong jackets and consider them way better value than the numerous buzz rickson's I have owned. Not as stitch for stitch accurate but good enough for me, probably not for you though.
I will never put someone down because they like flight jackets but can only afford something cheaper and why shouldn't they have the right to able to talk about those jackets.
It's hard for others to take you seriously when you express yourself by using infantile toilet language but you are obviously being offensive on purpose.

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thanks for the positive words but be assured i Do not give a sh.. on what a a..hole says or writes ...

There is a saying in Germany: tot he oak it does not matter if a hog scratches it‘s back on her.

Interesting anyway how 1 troll can get a thread totally out of scope.

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Do you seriously think that your idle chatter will provoke me?:D
No my dear holy and beloved „vintage leather jacket god of all experts“ it is just to open eyes of the people which might have a brain how funny if a hairdryer (produces warm air only) swings himself up to be the one and only without any proof but just words

I wish you my dear holy and beloved god of all experts an extraordinary nice day and i‘m highly excited to listen and learn from whatever you say and write


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Please mister Eastwood, do not contaminate the name of honor by assuming it. That everyone here is aware that you are a jerk is blatantly evident by your words. That you harbor a desire that everyone should know this
is definitely not the epiphany you believe it to be, but rather an indication of a very troubled mind.
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Who is Eastwood?

I can think of many suspects...

- A certain big man over at the hat place
- Irate Greeks
- That “You’re a Racist for questioning the accuracy of these jackets” Buzz Rickson rep over at the hat place



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Well, it can also be another grumpy man on the forum.

If you do a search of his posts so far in VLJ, he started replying in 2016, and there are only a handful of threads with his presence....

1. WWII Russian Flight jackets (Foreign Flight Jackets)
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He mainly comments in the Vintage forum. He looks to have particular interests in Navy jackets. Anyone that we may know?


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I think the best thing regarding "Edward" is to ignore him and maybe he will just "fade away".
That's all from the peanut gallery.

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Eastwood, as anyone can see if they check his past posts, is very clued up on Russian WW2 jackets, he's passed on several pieces of useful info that I was unaware of, even though we work quite colosely with a Soviet collector / retailer.
Good guy to have around here............just my opinion.