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4th FG A2 up for auction


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Great jacket and love the patch - then again, I would wouldn't I!

Although in the listing they suggest Paul Morgan could have been an Eagle he wasn't. A Kentucky native from Lexington he was with the 4th from the 15th June 1944 until 4th April 1945.

The inclusion of the Eagle Squadron badge on the patch with the 4th's boxing eagle is not uncommon. The 4th was exceedingly proud of its RAF Eagle Sqns beginnings and that history and its traditions were very much kept alive in the group.

Here's Morgan presumably wearing the same jacket in the 336 Sqn snap from 1/1/1945.

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Great find, Micawber. Looks like the site has a bunch of other A2's for auction as well (scroll down the page and you'll see them).


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I guess that answers my question that at least one Eagle Squadron members wore an A2 with the ES patch .



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Can anyone tell what maker that is?
The label looks a little like a Dubow label but its just not clear enough.