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37J1 Jacket USN Stencil?


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Do you guys know where I can buy the correct USN stencil for my 37J1 jacket? I have a 37J1 jacket made by Bronson but this one came without the USN markings on the chest. I would like to add one to my jacket with a name tag. See picture for an example.



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There are a variety of USN stencil fonts around. Have you considered matching the font and then using printing on to card? Cut it out neatly with a hobby knife and viola!


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None that I am aware of except these which are the same size as the USN stencil that was used on the front of the deck jackets and this is the only place I know who does them, they are iron on stencils
U.S.N. SIZE: 15/16" X 3 3/8"
He seems to be out of black but normally has them.


If you feel brave enough to do it yourself but don't want to make the stencil just look on ebay for custom stencil, plenty of people doing them.


Thomas Koehle

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I‘ve seen different fonts on those jackets so try to get more piccies of originals and decide which one you wanna go with

When you decided get in touch with TIES here on the forum - he is the „jacket wizard“ and might help ya out


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would be easy to make as well, print out the font you like on to cardstock. Cut out letters with X-acto knife, use a make-up sponge with paint, dab some of paint out of it so its (the sponge) not too saturated the dab away. Practice on some other cloth first

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For the correct Fonts check the following thread on our Forum:


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Just for info:

attached pics are of my 2 BRONSON 37J1

The more greenish one with the USN stencil on the chest was off the 1st production run, the other one more pale colored is off the 2nd (or following) batch

the initial Version came with the stencil on the chest + leather tab whihc said USN lalala (do not remember the Details) and was about 2 cm wider in the shoulders as well as about 3 cm chest

both jackets have been washed 2 or 3 times to make 'em look a bit more used with almost no shrinkage - the early Version was decorated by JOSH (you find him on FB) - the later Version was done by Ties