“Plasticy” Chrome Tanned Finish

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    Sorry for the OT, but I'd be really interested if you cared to elaborate this.
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    Sure. I can try. My Monarch feels really nice. It feels very sturdy and able to handle my rough wearing of it (no pun intended:D). It’s not plastic feeling but it’s not buttery soft. Maybe it is a touch softer in the areas on the jacket that are smoother.

    On my BK, the leather actually feels so soft as if it were chrome tanned. I know it’s veg tanned though. It’s just a different feel to the leather. I would say there are parts of the jacket where I feel, of the two, the BK would be less durable. I think that’s how the leather feels though. Not thin feeling but just so soft you sort of want to treat it a little better. However seeing how Matt wears his, I suspect this is every bit as tough as my ELC monarch.
    I don’t know if that made sense or gave you a better idea of my meaning when I wrote that or not, but I am not meaning one is better than the other. Just way different leather.
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    Thanks, makes sense.

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