1. Showerfan

    Closest thing to the Real McCoy‘s A2?

    I‘m trying to find the closest thing to the Real McCoy‘s own „contract 41-6330 P“ A2, but by a European manufacturer, i.e. Aero, Bill Kelso, Eastman, etc. This is because I live in Berlin. I love everything about the RMC jacket — the leather, the color, the collar, the epaulets, the pockets...
  2. adfrost

    New ELC Werber Contract B-3

    The .50 Cal is still around, but I decided to pull the trigger on a new Eastman Werber B-3 so I can enjoy it for a couple months. This one is a size 44 and fits MUCH better than the size 48 .50 Cal. I'd call the fit "trim"...a bit snug in the belly, but it's comfortable enough and I'm working on...
  3. adfrost

    Scored an ELC B-3 .50Cal

    I ran across this on eBay last week second-hand, but basically brand new, and snapped it up. It's a size 48, and I'm not sure if Eastmans runs big, or B-3s run big, but now that I have it, I probably would've been better served by a 46 (much to my surprise/dismay). It's pretty roomy. The quality...
  4. Brettafett

    Anyone own an ELC Monarch in a 42 with a fit pic?

    Hi guys, just wondering if there are any posts/ pics regs an ELC Monarch in a 42 with fit pics. Looking at size options. I tried a 40 long back in early 2015, but I think they made it an XL, wasn't right. Shoulders a bit tight at 17.5" and the pit to pit, if I recall was 21.5 or 22".... Thanks
  5. M3Cavalry

    Eastman Irvin Devon Fleece

    All, what's the consensus on sizing for the Eastman Irvin made with the Devon fleece? I've heard sizing up is a must. I'm 43.5" in the chest, 180lbs, 5'10", with a 34" waist (so a bit more of a triangle shape). Thinking a 46" is the way to go for some extra length and comfort. Any input (and...
  6. Mickey.was.a.rat

    Eastman A1

    Here is one of my favorite jacket :-)