a2 jacket

  1. E

    Unbranded, can’t identify A-2 leather Air Force jacket?

    This leather jacket was given to me by a family member about 10 years ago. I have been trying to identify if it is authentic or a commercial make. From what I’ve read online it is definitely not the original A-2 cut because it does have pocket hand warmers, and the back is not made from a single...
  2. lipmann01

    Do You Find This Happen on A2 Jackets Often?

    Have you ever seen pulled threads / snags in knit cuffs or the waistband on a relatively new repro A-2 Jackets before? As seen in the pictures, the leather shell looks almost mint but the cuffs look way more beaten up. Do you think these snags will develop into holes in the long run with normal...