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    At The Front Black Friday Sale

    How are the sizes on M41 summer jackets? I usually wear a size 42 chest should I go for medium or large?
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    Current inventory

    ELC Roughwear A-2 (23rd ftr grp) Looks like a beutiful jacket, have to save some money to buy one som day.
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    Best jacket from a repro company

    Eastman B-10 is the best one I've got so far.
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    N-1 Repro alernative to Buzz

    I am also after a blue Buzz N-1, can you please post some measurements on yours mate.
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    Buzz Rickson N1 measurements

    Helps a lot, thanks for the measurements mate.
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    Buzz Rickson N1 measurements

    Hello. I wonder if anyone can help me out with the measurements for a N1 deck jacket. I am 6.1 and about 13 stones. are they big or small in there sizes. Cheers Henrik.