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    What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?

    That’s officially the most adorable jacket pic I’ve seen on here!
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    My first selvedge denim : Momotaro Jeans 0306-12SP

    If they start smelling, it's either the trash or the washing machine, you get to choose!
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    Antique store find original Fried Ostermann A2 what to do?

    That jacket looks great! And the deconstructed jacket was really interesting to see, so thanks for including that photo!
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    Eastman B-17 W.A.S.P. Jacket For Ladies

    Hi! I can’t speak to the finer details, but I’m enjoying my B-17 so far! Very warm and cozy, and I love the history behind it. My only complaint is that Eastman is incorrect in claiming that the use of “nurse” on the B-17 label referred to all servicewomen. It referred just to nurses, while...
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    At this price perfection must be assumed

    Problem with a lot of these (including Real McCoy's) is that companies are always making new versions, whether with improved materials, improved design, repros of different contracts...Even specific jackets aside, which companies are favored changes as they make other new jackets, adjust prices...
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    Are The Real McCoy fighter jackets really worth the price tag?

    I’m about a UK 8 and can sympathize with the difficulty in fitting! Even when you want something loose-fitting, you don’t want to look/feel like a little kid wearing their dad’s jacket. And a jacket isn’t like an oversized sweater that will just drape like a blanket—jackets, especially the...
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    What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?

    This would make sense, especially because the daughter of the couple who owned the house, Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Blauman, had gotten married in 1941, opening up some space. I found a newspaper mention of a serviceman's wife and baby living there in December of 1943, which further supports the...
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    Salute the Wonky - show us the wonky stitching etc on your original jacket

    Don't have any myself (though I'm sure I've got some bits of wonkiness on civilian clothing), but just wanted to say that I love this reminder of all the humans behind the jackets and other equipment. Its too bad that we've got no way to track down who specifically worked on any given jacket.
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    Antique store find original Fried Ostermann A2 what to do?

    Oh wow!!! What a lucky, unexpected find! For any of our members more experienced than I, were union labels typical for A-2s, was this a Fried Ostermann peculiarity, or something else? (Not doubting the authenticity at all, just an interesting area to educate myself on, as I'm more familiar...
  10. Nnatalie peacoat

    Here's Came across it while browsing women's (non-military) vintage. Still might buy it, though the odd measurements I'll get into later give me pause. Fairly standard small size WWII navy peacoat, aside from the odd measurements listed, and the fact that it clearly...
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    What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?

    As long as you don’t try to guess them yourself, you should be safe—if you do try and guess, may god have mercy on your soul ;)
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    What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?

    It’s great! Comfy, sturdy, attractive! Pleased I was able to get it custom sized so that I’m not drowning in it!
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    WWI badge identification

    That would make perfect sense then, since the Cheshire Regiment was part of the Territorial Force (or at least his part of it was), and he served in France! Thank you!
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    WWI badge identification

    Not sure if this is the best section for my question, because it’s gear that did *not* go with a flight jacket, but here goes. @mulceber and I have a picture of his great-grandfather in his British WWI uniform. I’ve identified the badge on his cap (insignia of the Cheshire Regiment), but I’m...
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    Something a Bit Different..... Show Us Your Vintage Civilian Jackets.

    The interesting thing is that back in the40s/50s, there seems to have been a jacket maker called Thunder Bay jackets, who made jackets in different styles. No idea if there’s any connection between them and this style or them and Franco Canadian though. May well have just been a “let’s name...