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    Reproduction crushers?
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    Eastman 1401P vs 27752

    Or you got what you got till you traded.
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    Nice period photos of A-2's

    I've been wondering myself, but I was thinking maybe Aero as well. maybe a BK with those wide sleeves?
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    Nice period photos of A-2's

    Maybe. Black ties were for use up until Dec 1941 when there was a change. There was an interesting clarification,as well, of tucking the tie and between what buttons. Some considered the collar button as top, otheres considered the next button down as the top shirt button. The clarification was...
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    Nice period photos of A-2's

    An aviation cadet models his new A-2 jacket. Note the drape/lay of the leather. Looks like his pinned wings to the front, not caring about re-sale value. Also note his tie is black, so this could be early or pre-war.
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    Could I get an ID on this jacket please?

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    My last A-2 (hopefully) - Good Wear

    Platon will make it and ship.
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    Bill Kelso owners - how has your horsehide worn?

    Some have said the same of BK liberty. I like it better than the victory.
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    What is this bag in the USAAF ?

    P37 small packs had solid fittings, while the P37 large pack had the cutout in the fitting. The corners are harder to explain. Some of the pics are hard for my eye to read.
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    On the FL, someone commented on shrinkage when getting wet. But it really looks great!
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    Original Poughkeepsie A-2

    And you can see how the light green thread has shifted yellow with light and time.
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    Original Poughkeepsie A-2

    Yes, thinner hides and a mix of zips; I really like the brass Talons on Poughkeepsies.
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    Original Poughkeepsie A-2

    One of the pocket flaps is a wee bit asymmetrical like the example Shawn modeled the 5* from.