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    This is a repost of my thread on the Fedora Lounge, thought it might interest some people here:

    Finally picked up my A-10 gloves at the post office yesterday. They are made by Mash Co. LTD in Japan. Others have pointed that Mash is doing the gloves for Eastman, and they are just relabelling them.

    My very first contact with them was quite disappointing as the nice post office lady advised me there will be a 42EUR customs fee on my 110EUR package...

    Anyway, I took it home, opened it, and faced one of the most beautiful packaging I've seen so far. I really appreciate that MASH is going the extra mile with this:


    I can honestly say I was really not disappointed with the quality of the gloves. The leather is a smooth, russet brown goat skin. The seams and stitching are neat, and the elastic wrist band is a dull purple/brown heavy one.


    The USAAF decal is great, no background brightness or whatsoever.


    And here is the lining. Mash advises it as "100% Virgin Wool Knitting texture". As far as I can see, the label is almost an exact repro of an original one, except for the name of the manufacturer, of course!


    It was time for the final test! At first, the gloves felt pretty tight, which led me to think they may be too small for me. I quickly shed out this idea, as a couple of my fingers were not going exactly to the end of the glove's fingers. I then flexed my hand a couple times, opened and closed it, and I could feel the leather relaxing almost immediately. After a few minutes, the gloves were fitting like, well, a glove.


    Well, all I need now is for the temperature to drop a bit to wear them on a daily basis!
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    Really lovely gloves, top notch!
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    I've got a pair and like them a lot.

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