1982M - for all the MIG-21 drivers out there

Discussion in 'Foreign Flight Jackets' started by Greg Gale, May 4, 2018.

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    I already shared this on the FL, but I thought you guys would be interested too:

    A friend of mine works at an Air Force base in Hungary. He told me that there's a Major who is looking to sell his old 1982M flying jacket, because they have new regulation jackets now and he cannot wear this one anymore. It was used from the 80s to the 90s. I immediately said YES! I bought it for approx 70 USD, and although it could be a size smaller, I'm really glad I did. These jackets are virtually impossible to come by.

    The fur lining can be removed as well as the fur collar. So it can be worn in 3 combinations: With lining and collar/ with lining without collar/ without lining or collar. It's extremely warm, almost rivals my Irvin in that area! Bi-swing back, very soft fur collar, a bit heavy, though.

    I'm gonna wear this one for flying in colder weathers in order not to abuse my Irvin, A-2 or Ma-1.

    407466_331219446905824_100000533149682_1267473_681126213_n.jpg IMG_9350.JPG IMG_9352.JPG IMG_9353.JPG IMG_9354.JPG IMG_9355.JPG
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    Geneva, Switzerland
    That is quite a find, Greg - an eastern block original flight jacket that's been used for its intended purpose. The jacket looks in very good shape for a vintage item and looks like a very practical piece of outerwear too. Some fit pics are definitely in order! Wear in good health!
    And the Mig-21 drivers' group photo is excellent. Thanks for sharing.

    Ps: if you ever decide to move this one on, please let me know!
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    Here's a fit pic for you. A bit large and bulky, but at least warm :)

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